Why Do I Not Receive Notification Emails?

When you receive a notification for a new message, tenancy application or something else, we will send you an email with details of the notification.

Sometimes these emails get accidentally blocked by an overzealous email client and land in your Junk or Spam folder.

If you haven't received any notification emails, please check your Junk or Spam folder.

You can also add our support email address to your email whitelist to ensure emails get delivered.

How to Whitelist an Email

Whitelisting means that you’re telling your email provider that you trust who is sending the email. It means that you are happy for this email to land in your inbox.

To stop emails from landing in your Junk or Spam folder, you can whiltelist support@mudhut.com as a sender and this will enable emails from us to land in your Inbox.

You can add support@mudhut.com to the whitelist in the settings of your email provider. It's usually in a section called Filters or Safe Senders.

Please refer to your email provider support for details on how to whiltelist senders.

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