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Check your tenants quickly and easily with our comprehensive instant credit check.

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Tenant Credit Checks Include

Comprehensive search of tenant's address history:

  • Current Address
  • Up to 2 Previous addresses
  • Up to 9 Linked addresses

Identity Check

Verify the identity of a tenant, including:

  • Residency - Electoral Roll, credit agreements, BT telephone and court data
  • Identity - Electoral Roll, credit agreements, BT telephone
  • Alerts - HM Treasury Sanctions, Senior Political Figures, OFAC and deceased check

Credit Check and Score

Check a tenant's credit history and provides a Risk Assessment to determine if they're likely to be a good tenant:

  • Credit score - numerical score indicating the credit worthiness of the tenant
  • Aliases - names identified as aliases
  • Associates - details of financial associates
  • Watchlist - screens individuals against Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists
  • Electoral Roll - details of the tenant and associates on the electoral roll
  • Adverse Data - details of any bankruptcies, insolvencies or County Court Judgements
  • Previous Addresses - checks on linked addresses such as previous addresses

Mudhut tenant credit checks are produced instantly using data sourced from the credit reference agency Equifax.

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Save Money When You Buy in Bulk

You can purchase Tenant Credit Checks in bulk to make them cheaper, faster and easier.

No. of Checks Per Check Saving Price
1 £10.00 £10.00
5 £8.50 15% £42.50
10 £8.00 20% £80.00
15 £7.50 25% £112.50
20 £7.00 30% £140.00
30 £6.50 35% £195.00
50 £6.00 40% £300.00
75 £5.50 45% £412.50
100 £5.00 50% £500.00
200 £4.50 55% £900.00

Prices quoted exclude VAT.

Additional Decision Making Tools

You can also use the following free decision making tools in conjunction with a tenant credit check.

Rental Passport

Tenants can build their own Rental Passport including a photo, biography and employment details.

Learn More about Rental Passports

Rent Affordability Check

Tenants can apply to rent your property and the application will include a check on the tenant's salary to make sure they can afford the rent.


References from previous landlords, employer or professional colleagues can be included on the Rental Passport.

References can be obtained by the tenant or requested by the landlord. Each referee also gets a Mudhut profile so you can view their details and contact them if necessary.