Electronic Signing of Documents

11 October 2023

We have launched significant improvements to electronic signing for documents.


All documents sent out for signing will now be contained in an envelope. This allows the following benefits:

  • Flexible Send - easily to send to all your recipients or re-send to just one
  • Document Tracking - tracks when your documents have been sent, viewed and signed
  • Secure Document Storage - automatically keeps a secure copy of the completed document in your account
  • Multiple Documents - send multiple documents in a single envelope

The new envelope features are free to use and can be easily accessed from existing or newly created documents.

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AML Checks and Property Listing Improvements

05 April 2023

We have released some new features to help improve property adverts and support our customers business requirements.

AML Checks

The instant anti-money laundering (AML) check enables you to quickly verify the identity of customers and detect high risk indicators supporting Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations:

Each AML check includes:

  • Residency Checks - Confirm that the identity exists by matching the name of the customer to the address
  • Identity Checks - Verify information supplied by the customer relating to the identity
  • PEPS and Sanctions - Checks the Equifax Watchlist for Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Sanctions and others

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Photos and Floorplans

Property adverts can now include floorplans as a separate images type. These are displayed in specific location on a property listing and on the Rightmove advert.

You can now also upload multiple photos in one go, rather than having to add photos individually.

VAT Invoices

When you order any of our services we email full details of the order to you. Orders are also stored in your Mudhut account.

VAT invoices are available from the Order page as a PDF document. You can find them as follows:

  1. Sign in and go to the Account page
  2. Click into the order to get the details
  3. Click on the Invoice button to get a PDF version of the invoice

The invoice contains details of the order and the net, VAT and total amount paid.

Property Listings and Other Improvements

29 September 2022

We have released a range of great new features to help improve property adverts and support the new Trading Standards guidelines.

Property Material Information Update

Part A of the Trading Standards guidelines states that you need to include information about all 'unavoidable costs' on your listings to help home movers make an informed decision about a property by understanding its true cost.

To support these guidelines and based on customer feedback we have added the following fields to a property:

  • Number of bathrooms
  • Council tax band
  • Deposit amount
  • Energy Performance Certificate link
  • Video tour link

These changes allow landlords to provide more information about their property and improve property listings for tenants.

Mudhut Credits Update

We have updated the order process so you can now purchase credits during a Tenant Credit Check order. This makes for a smoother buying experience for customers who buy multiple checks.

Mudhut Credits are a great way of reducing the cost of Tenant Credit Checks. The more you credit your account the better value your checks become.

Insurance Quotes

We have updated the insurance quote journey so it now includes the insurance underwriter and more details about the policy.

This makes the information on a quote easier to understand for all our insurance products:

Mudhut Credits Launched

1 December 2020

If you regularly buy Tenant Credit Checks, you can now purchase Mudhut Credits to make getting checks cheaper, faster and easier.

  1. Cheaper - buying credits in advance reduces the cost of individual reports. The more you buy, the cheaper the cost per report
  2. Faster - credit checks are generated immediately
  3. Easier - you don't have to go through the payment process for every report

Mudhut Credits can be used immediately after purchase and will never expire.

You can see pricing for Mudhut Credits here.

New Advertising Partner - OneDome

We have added OneDome to our list of property advertising partners. OneDome properties can be found on Facebook Marketplace and Nethouseprices.

Rent Guarantee Insurance Launched

10 May 2019

We have now launched our new Rent Guarantee Insurance product.

How Does it Work?

We have built a fully integrated Quote and Buy service so you can easily:

  • Get a no obligation quote in 60 seconds
  • Buy the policy online
  • Choose to pay monthly or purchase outright
  • Get instant acesss to policy documents
  • See previous quote details

What Are the Benefits?

Our cover includes:

  • Guaranteed rent up to 15,000 per month
  • 100,000 legal expenses cover
  • Hassle free claims process
  • 6 or 12 months cover
  • No excess to pay
  • Pay monthly or pay outright
  • 24 hour legal advice helpline
  • Only a basic level Credit Check required!

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What's Coming Up?

We are working on some great new insurance products for both landlords and tenants which we'll announcing soon.