Mudhut Credits Launched

1 December 2020

If you regularly buy Tenant Credit Checks, you can now purchase Mudhut Credits to make getting checks cheaper, faster and easier.

  1. Cheaper - buying credits in advance reduces the cost of individual reports. The more you buy, the cheaper the cost per report
  2. Faster - credit checks are generated immediately
  3. Easier - you don't have to go through the payment process for every report

Mudhut Credits can be used immediately after purchase and will never expire.

You can see pricing for Mudhut Credits here.

New Advertising Partner - OneDome

We have added OneDome to our list of property advertising partners. OneDome properties can be found on Facebook Marketplace and Nethouseprices.

Rent Guarantee Insurance Launched

10 May 2019

We have now launched our new Rent Guarantee Insurance product.

How Does it Work?

We have built a fully integrated Quote and Buy service so you can easily:

  • Get a no obligation quote in 60 seconds
  • Buy the policy online
  • Choose to pay monthly or purchase outright
  • Get instant acesss to policy documents
  • See previous quote details

What Are the Benefits?

Our cover includes:

  • Guaranteed rent up to £15,000 per month
  • £100,000 legal expenses cover
  • Hassle free claims process
  • 6 or 12 months cover
  • No excess to pay
  • Pay monthly or pay outright
  • 24 hour legal advice helpline
  • Only a basic level Credit Check required!

Learn More

What's Coming Up?

We are working on some great new insurance products for both landlords and tenants which we'll announcing soon.

Mudhut Authorised by the FCA

14 August 2018

Financial Conduct Authority

Mudhut is now authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to act as an insurance intermediary.

The FCA authorisation process takes around 6 months and involves a thorough vetting of a company to ensure that the company meets the FCA's Threshold Conditions - their minimum requirements for becoming, and remaining, authorised.

Mudhut helps thousands of landlords to find great tenants, setup and manage their tenancies. We also help thousands of tenants save money on admin fees using their Tenant Passport.

Being authorised by the FCA will allow us to expand our range of landlord and tenant insurance, including:

  • Rent Guarantee Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • Tenant Liability Insurance
  • Contents and Building Insurance

Our FCA authorisation number is 804414.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Property Repair Reporting

18 November 2017

Report Property Repairs

We have released a new feature that allows tenants to easily report property repairs to the landlord.

Completely free to use, this makes managing your property repairs a doddle.

  • Tenants can report repairs online
  • Ensures repairs are reported in writing
  • Landlords get detailed, accurate issue reports
  • Repairs are automatically categorised to assist resolution
  • Landlord can add notes to the repair so that the tenant is kept informed of progress
  • Free and simple to setup - landlords just need to signup and create a tenancy

Join Mudhut today to start improving your property repairs (or signin if you're already joined).

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1,000 Landlords a Month Using Mudhut

17 October 2017

We've recently done some adding up and discovered that over 1,000 landlords a month are arranging their tenancy using Mudhut.

That's over 12,000 private landlords a year who arrange their tenancy quickly and directly without needing to involve a letting agent.

We're pretty pleased with that and the best thing is, there's so much more to come!

New Feature: Rightmove Performance Report

Rightmove Peformance Chart

We've added a new feature for landlords who advertise their properties using Mudhut: a Rightmove Performance Report so you can see how your property ads are performing over time.

The report shows how many views your ad gets on Rightnove every day enabling you to track the effect of changes to your ad such as better photos or a price change.

Advertise Your Property Now

Advertising on Rightmove Proving Popular

16 June 2017

Many of our landlords have now found great tenants by using Mudhut to advertise their property on Rightmove.

Property Ad prices start at £10 for 1 week, here's how it works:

1. Create Your Ad

  • Add property details and description
  • Unlimited photos and room descriptions
  • Ad quality score to help you create a great ad

2. Publish Your Ad

3. We Find the Tenants, You Do the Viewings

  • We notify you of each enquiry
  • You arrange and conduct a viewing with the tenant
  • Tenant can apply to rent your property with no application fees
  • Tenant Credit Check available for each tenant
  • Free tenancy agreement with electronic signatures

It's easy as that!

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NEWSFLASH - Advertise Your Property on Rightmove

24 May 2016


We have just added Rightmove to our advertising partners.

You can advertise your letting property on Rightmove from £10 for a week with no other fees or commissions.

Modern letting for independent landlords.

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Tenant Credit and Identity Checks

24 August 2016

We have released some great new features which allow you to reference your tenants from only £5 per tenant.

Identity Check

An Identity Check allows you to validate the identity of a person in seconds.

Identity Check

The report allows you to establish the following:

  • Does the identity exist?
  • Is the person who they say they are?
  • Is there any detrimental information relating to the identity?

The report includes checks across many different sources which makes it more rigorous than manual ID checking.

Learn more and find out about pricing

Credit Report and Identity Check

A Credit Report and Identity Check allows you to check a tenant's credit history and validate their identity in seconds.

Credit Report

The report allows you to establish the following:

  • Is the tenant who they say they are?
  • Do they have any aliases?
  • Do they have any financial associates?
  • How good is their credit history?
  • Where were their previous addresses?
  • Have they got any adverse information such as CCJs or bankrupties?

The tenant pays for the report which you can use to quickly make a decision about whether they are a suitable tenant or if you should obtain further information and/or guarantors.

Learn more and find out about pricing

New Profile Verifications to Increase Trust

08 July 2016

We have added verifications to Mudhut Profiles. You can now verify your email address and phone number show to other Mudhut users that your information is genuine. Sign into your account and click on the My Profile link to try it out:

Profile Verifications

To help build trust even further, we are conducting final testing on our newest features which will allow you to attach a credit report and/or identify check to your profile. We will let you know when they're ready but for now, here's a taster:

Identity Checks

Estate agents use Identity Checks to verify the identity of a seller or buyer and satisfy anti-money laundering regulations. You will soon be able to attach an Identity Check to your profile which includes:

  • Electoral Roll checks
  • Date of birth checks
  • Credit agreement checks
  • Phone number match
  • Linked addresses
  • Alert checks

You will get a Verified ID badge added to your profile which shows to sellers and buyers that your identity has been successfully verified by us.

Credit Reports and Identity Checks

Letting agents use Credit Reports to verify the identity and establish the credit worthiness of a tenant. You will soon be able to request a Credit Report from a potential tenant which includes:

  • All checks included in the Identity Check
  • Credit score - numerical score indicating the credit worthiness of the tenant
  • Aliases - names identified as aliases
  • Associates - details of financial associates
  • Linked addresses - addresses linked to the tenant such as previous addresses
  • Electoral Roll - details of the tenant and associates on the electoral roll
  • Public Records - details of any bankruptcies, insolvencies or County Court Judgements

The tenant will pay for the report which you can use to establish whether they are a suitable tenant. The data is sourced from Equifax so you know you can trust it.

Support Improvements

21 March 2016

We have improved our online customer support to answer the most frequently asked questions.

We have also added reference articles to help you with various aspects of residential sales, letting and property management.

Check it out here:

Introducing Renter Profiles

11 February 2016

We have introduced a new concept into the UK rental market, the renter profile.

Renter Profile

What is a Renter Profile?

Every time someone wants to rent a property, they have to fill out an application form. If they're applying through a letting agent, they'll also be asked to pay for the application and a reference (see below for why they're so expensive).

The renter profile is designed to simplify this process by allowing the renter to add the information once. They can then reuse it instead of filling out several application forms and paying inflated referencing costs.

How Does it Work?

The renter adds their name, address, date of birth and employment details. They can then request references from previous landlords and employer. Soon they'll also be able to get a credit report to verify who they are and check their credit history.

When they want to apply for a tenancy, all they need to do is to give permission to the landlord to view their profile. That's it!

If you're a landlord, you can also ask applicants to fill out a renter profile to save you wading through applications forms. It's free so all you need to do is join.

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Why Does Your Tenant Reference Cost So Much?

7 January 2016

If you're a tenant, you've no doubt been asked to pay for a tenant reference. And no doubt you've had to sit down when you've seen the price - up to £300 (+VAT) from some letting agencies. So why are tenant references so expensive?

The simple answer is, there are a lot of middlemen.

Letting Agency

The letting agency facilitates the letting of a property by the landlord to the tenant. They are responsible for referencing the applicant to ensure they are a suitable tenant.

Letting Agency Software

Letting agencies use letting software to help them manage the process of letting a property. The sofware holds details of the applicant and will often provide a link to a tenant reference agency.

Tenant Reference Agency

The tenant reference agency obtains the actual reference. The applicant usually fills out a form and the reference agency runs a credit check and asks referees (such as previous landlords and employers) for a reference.

Tenant Reference Software

Tenant reference companies use specialised software to help them build the reference. The software has built-in links to credit agencies and a case management system to coordinate the team who get the references.

Credit Reference Agency

The tenant reference software will contact a credit agency for a tenant credit report. The credit report will include details of your previous addresses and information from public sources such as the electoral roll, public records including county court judgments, and bankruptcy and insolvency data..

A Better Way?

That's a lot of steps and a lot of middlemen. Each middleman takes a cut which is why your tenant reference costs so much.

What if there was a better way?

We're working on it, join Mudhut to find out first.

New Features for Faster Selling and Letting

18 December 2015

Mudhut now allows you to speed up selling or letting your property:

  • Apply for Tenancy - tenants can apply for tenancies directly to the landlord. The landlord will be immediately notified of new applications
  • Offers - buyers can make offers directly to the property seller. The seller will be immediately notified and can then Accept or Decline the offer
  • Property Sales - if the seller accepts the Offer, a Property Sale will be created so the seller can manage the sale of the property
  • Notifications - to make sure you don't miss anything, you will receive a notification for events such as a new enquiry, new offer or new tenancy application. You can see the notifications on your Home page

We have also changed the design of the app to better reflect the new capabilities, why not sign in and take a look.

We'll be adding many more features in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.