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21 May 2024 22:05

Found it hard

I like the idea of this but I was given one email for the tenant's and guarantor, this caused me issues as it will not work with one and I cannot correct or make changes. So when I created a second person it wanted to add two different people together. I do not find the dashboard intuitive and I am a I. T . Specialists

07 Apr 2024 06:52

Great to use!

I wanted credit checks for a couple of tenants, as a first time user I found mudhut straight forward and easy to use, and got the results in seconds!

21 Mar 2024 15:59

Credit checks

As a landlord you need to do checks on new tenants and this is so easy and results take no time at all, great service

16 Mar 2024 15:11

Fast response

Easy & clear to submit necessary form. Very fast response.

11 Mar 2024 07:25

Credit Rating For Landlords

Quick and easy to follow - will use again

09 Mar 2024 16:52

Easy to set up

Smooth process. Helpful staff on the phone. Not a long wait time. Hopefully I will never need to claim!

06 Mar 2024 10:55

Landlord tenant check

Very prompt and easy to use. Will use again

04 Mar 2024 18:37

Easy, fast and straightforward.

Easy to use the service, straightforward and quick thank you so much

03 Mar 2024 21:08

Super easy to use

Very easy to use. Results were available in minutes and contained all the information I needed. Will be using again in the future

28 Feb 2024 15:51

Tenant Credit Check

Very good, helpful and responsive.

25 Feb 2024 22:46

Credit checks

Excellent service

25 Feb 2024 22:40

Credit checks

Excellent service by mudhut

23 Feb 2024 12:31


Andrea has been a delight to communicate with, made our process easy and stress free 5 stars

15 Feb 2024 15:04

Super fast service

Signed up on line paid and entered details, bam results came back in seconds! What's not to like - fantastic

11 Feb 2024 12:54

Landlord credit check

Very quick and easy sevcie to use and a good proce.

09 Feb 2024 13:23

Rent protect insurance

Did this all on line easy site to navigate.

05 Feb 2024 15:21

Review our Mudhut Experiance

Brilliant Service prompt response to raised inquires tickets on the Mudhut website.

04 Feb 2024 15:11

Tenant references

Quick and efficient. Thank you. John Berry

21 Jan 2024 15:10

Claredon place

Very good service lovely people

10 Jan 2024 15:29

Very helpful

Easy to communicate with & very helpful

09 Jan 2024 21:58

Credit check for tenants

I would highly recommend using Mudhut. As a first time user I found the process simple. In error I added an incorrect address, however, Mudhut were able to amend it for me at no extra charge. I will definitely use Mudhut again.

03 Jan 2024 05:03

Landlord check

Very quick and efficient

07 Dec 2023 19:56


Almost instantaneous result

07 Dec 2023 16:13

Quick and good services

Provide information instantly. Very good service, but we found most of tenants are in medium risk or high risk.

17 Nov 2023 11:14

tenant credit rating

Quick and easy

09 Nov 2023 18:58

Tenant referencing

Good company and very easy to use

26 Oct 2023 15:27

Very easy to use

Well thoughtout, straightforward and a very neat product

21 Oct 2023 12:42

Credit report

Can't really fault the service, for someone like myself who only uses the service occasionally rather than a larger company requiring several credit checks it's ideal.

20 Oct 2023 17:00

Personal credit check

Easy to use and very quick

30 Sep 2023 14:30


Great with updates very fast and replying back

23 Sep 2023 15:42

Credit check

Very easy to use, quick result

21 Sep 2023 15:18

Credit score check


15 Sep 2023 10:47

Tenant credit check

Excellent website. Instant results. Great price. Much appreciated - thank you !

08 Sep 2023 16:41

Very helpful

I had an issue that they tried to sort out for me. Very helpful and went over and above .

01 Sep 2023 15:08


They responded quickly, they were polite, we are still waiting for the results, but at this stage I like everything

30 Aug 2023 22:16

Very fast service!

Great service, results in minutes!

27 Aug 2023 22:49

excellent and efficient job

It was easy to use, fast, cheap

22 Aug 2023 09:22

Agreement for an assured shorthold tenancy under the DPS custodial scheme

Excellent service. We had no difficulty in tailoring the agreement format provided to suit the needs of the tenant and ourselves as landlords.

20 Aug 2023 05:41

Tenant Credit Check

The service is easy to use, quick and effective. I?ve used Mudhut multiple times over the years to vet tenants and it has been a great way of selecting tenants.

10 Aug 2023 08:53

Very good

Easy to use and quite ck response. Had all the info I required ..I would use them again

06 Aug 2023 16:10


Great marketing. Excellent value. Very good customer service.

05 Aug 2023 23:18

Very Easy and Quick

Excellent simple. quick easy

08 Jul 2023 03:20

Easy & Simple

Just submitting a few information as required then get the report straight away.

06 Jul 2023 16:29



05 Jul 2023 15:38

Credit check and Tenancy agreement

So easy to use !!! Thanks Mudhut

22 Jun 2023 16:38

Easy to use

Used Mudhut a number of times now to check prospective tenants. Quick and easy to use website.

12 Jun 2023 15:13

Easy Peasy

Used Mudhut for the first time and was very impressed. It was so easy to check on the credit status of potential tenants. Good value too.

11 Jun 2023 15:39

Landlord credit check for tenant

Excellent service. Quick and efficient website. Happy customer

03 Jun 2023 20:12

Tennant credit check.

I'm surprised at how quick and easy this was. Thank you Mudhut.

03 Jun 2023 16:03


Love this site..simple interface. Does exactly what I need. I use it for all my tenants and properties now..

30 May 2023 15:05

Great service

Good information collected always use for tenants

17 May 2023 15:51


Such a quick and easy way to advertise a property to let. And a sensible price too. Will definitely use again.

26 Apr 2023 16:51

landlord 'stuff'

As a first time landlord, and a somewhat IT phobic person, i've had great success so far doing exactly what i needed to do, and getting pointers and advice along the way. So far so good!

26 Apr 2023 15:12

Credit Chek

Did the job! Easy to use, competitive price, instant report. I liked the post code search facility to enter address.

17 Apr 2023 15:14


They got back to me straight away for me to send an application

12 Apr 2023 19:30

Good results

Used a few times and always produced results

10 Apr 2023 13:09

Credit Check

Fast efficient service from Mudhut, will definitely use again.

03 Apr 2023 10:01

Tenant credit check

As someone about to start renting, I used mudhut to run a credit check for the letting agents. The report came through instantly and was of great quality. I also have to give 5 stars because (due to my own mistake) I incorrectly ran the report against the wrong property, and mudhut rectified this mistake swiftly without any questions asked!

31 Mar 2023 17:25

Helped me dodge a bullet

Mudhut reference pulled up an undisclosed CCJ during the reference. After rejection of the prospective tenants they sent a threatening email. So thanks

22 Mar 2023 15:10

Credit check

Quick and easy process and it's pay as you go which is great.

20 Mar 2023 10:20

Credit check

First time user of Mudhut for a Credit Reference. Very easy to use and the report was instant. Very happy and will use again.

13 Mar 2023 15:38

Brilliant quick and easy process

The MudHut tenant review was super easy to request and the results are immediate. Brilliant!

10 Mar 2023 15:08

Quick & informative

Easy to input info, super quick results & may even give you information you didn?t know

03 Mar 2023 23:35


Easy to use, very quick result.

24 Feb 2023 15:08


Excellent with less time

21 Feb 2023 16:41

Landlords credit check

Second time I have carried out credit check and it's easy

07 Feb 2023 08:14

Tenant Credit Check by Landlord

Simple quick service no messing.

02 Feb 2023 16:19

New tenant check

It would be helpful if you had a box for a womans maiden name.

22 Jan 2023 09:10

Quick and easy

Wonderful way to get person verified.

21 Jan 2023 15:31

Very impressed

Very impressed by both the speed and accuracy of the report. Allows me to make an instant decision on choosing a tenant.

11 Jan 2023 21:15

Tenant Credit Reference

Very fast efficient service at a reasonable price. I was a bit surprised that the applicant also received a copy by email - I don't think I was informed about this beforehand as I would have warned them in advance - so slightly embarrassing!

07 Jan 2023 18:32


Really good

03 Jan 2023 10:03

Advertising and tenant check

First time I've used this platform and generally pleased with the facilities. Some of the help topics could be a little clearer but found my way around.

29 Dec 2022 15:05


Needed a tenancy agreement urgently and they helped. AMAZING highly recommended .

27 Dec 2022 16:36

Tenant credit check

Good. Previous tenant was marked as high risk and they were. Next is low risk so let's see how they pan out

23 Dec 2022 22:14

Tenant reference check

Very prompt service, reasonably priced.

19 Dec 2022 22:22

Credit Report

Excellent fast response in acquiring my Credit Report, well worth the £12 fee. As I will be shortly renting a property I wanted the peace of mind that my Report was nit going to give any cause for concern. Rather than wait for a Letting Agency to do so I saw mudhut on-line and decided to give it a try. Very pleased I did as the Report is comprehensive and easy to understand and information is drawn from Equufax which is probably the .most respected of all the credit agencies. I'm also impressed that as well as now being able to pass this report onto any Letting Agencies or landlords, there is the facility to ask previous landlords for references and a facility to attach tour ID documents meaning you have (virtually) everything you need in one place. Best £12 I've spent in a long time - highly recommended.

25 Nov 2022 18:36


The support guide was helpful.

21 Nov 2022 21:02

Mr D R Cobb

This is a very good service easy to understand well laid out.

14 Nov 2022 15:04

Rent property

Excellent service

06 Nov 2022 13:33

Rent your property!

I think it is a fantastic service!!! I created the advert myself. I uploaded all the photos that I wanted and wrote a description myself however I liked it! Then when the advert was live potential tenants were contacting me directly with their queries. I booked all the viewings myself and carried them out and I got to choose the most suitable tenants for the property. Mudhut also has a credit check service which I used for my tenants. And all of these at a very reasonable price! Mudhut is the perfect tool for those who want to cut out estate agents and their fees. I can't recommend it enough!!

01 Nov 2022 09:09

Land lord credit check

The service was very easy to use. I will be looking at making a contract as well

29 Oct 2022 14:29

Tenant check

Incredibly rapid and simple to use!

13 Oct 2022 15:51

Tenant credit reference

Easy and efficient service

12 Oct 2022 16:02

Quick result

Quick and helpful. Although would be better if once you have paid and the ID doesn't match an address there was a way of putting in a second address?..

09 Oct 2022 16:42

Mudhut website

The mudhut site is a great and fast and efficient way of doing credit checks for sole landlords who do or do not have multiple properties. The only downfall for me was nobody to talk to on the other side of a phone if their are any problems.

07 Oct 2022 21:51


Very easy to use and understand website, well laid out very informative . Price very competitive.

30 Sep 2022 18:56

Property Letting Agents

Incredibly efficient service right from the off. Quick responses to all enquiries and questions. Helpful and friendly.

29 Sep 2022 15:19


So easy to use For infrequent use I would highly recommend this

22 Sep 2022 15:26

Credit Check

Very good service request dealt with promptly

19 Sep 2022 15:10

Tenant Credit Checks with Mudhut

Simple to access and very reasonably priced. My first venture into regular tenant credit checks. No regrets.

09 Sep 2022 15:38

Rent Guarantee

Excellent , straight forward, hassle free to join.

09 Sep 2022 15:13


Super easy to use, great value. Will definitely use again when changing tenants.

05 Sep 2022 11:20

Easy buying process

Quick and easy to buy this policy

03 Sep 2022 15:29

Great tool

Easy fast reliable service. I onboarded my tenants in a super fast time.

29 Aug 2022 19:38

Tenant credit check

Quick, efficient service.

25 Aug 2022 15:22


So far so good.

21 Aug 2022 20:00

Tenant Reference

Excellent quick service.

21 Aug 2022 15:20

Credit check

Very easy to enter all the information and results immediately. Very helpful at a reasonable price.

16 Aug 2022 21:23

Excellent Service

I found Mudhut (Letting Agent) excellent; speedy processing of advert after thorough & precise procedures taken. The texting and emailing notifying Landlords is second to none. I'll always go back to Mudhut for future business, And that is why I've rated them 5 stars!

10 Aug 2022 15:11


The service was prompt and excellent.

06 Aug 2022 16:32

Easy to use system

I use Mud hut for tenant references it's an easy system and you only pay for what you use a great price

03 Aug 2022 16:20


Excellent Service very quick response and very easy to use

02 Aug 2022 15:04

Landlords credit checks for tenants

Very easy to register, quick results, great service.

25 Jul 2022 15:16

Wiewing 3 bedroom house

The agent was Very polie and profesional The house în Very good state I bilive that this rental ag. is recommendable

25 Jul 2022 15:12


Excellent service fast

24 Jul 2022 15:05


Very fast

14 Jul 2022 14:01

All good

Quick easy to understand for a first timer. Ive only just seen the messages bit, was going to comment it is taking me ages finding the people to reply to through notifications, as there are so many. So i take that back. Just one thing i had 2 messages through the night, i had no text or email telling me, only through the notifications i found them yesterday, and apologised for the delay in responding

09 Jul 2022 19:27

Background credit check

Simple and efficient!!

09 Jul 2022 15:15

18 Addison Crescent OXFORD

on time of the appointment and very helpful

03 Jul 2022 16:24

Good service

Seems q good way to , apply for a property to rent

02 Jul 2022 15:52

Tenant credit check

Very easy to use and result back instantly giving clear advice as to tenant suitability.

28 Jun 2022 15:17

Great service for Landlords

Instant credit checks for prospective tenants

20 Jun 2022 15:13

Credit check

Easy to use, helpfull

18 Jun 2022 15:40

Credit Report

Instatnt accurate report with minimal information.

16 Jun 2022 10:05

Great communication

What a lovely company. The customer service is excellent. I felt like they really appreciate their customers and want to help them ASAP when they come up with any difficulties. I have no doubt in recommending them to others.

13 Jun 2022 19:34

Landlords tenant check

Very good, well detailed financial check performed for a potential tenant with some good advice and a great price aswell. Definitely use again. 5 stars

27 May 2022 15:05


Just what I need as a newbie!

18 May 2022 18:07

New tennant

As always an exemplary service

14 May 2022 11:07

Creswell street

Very pleasant polite and nothing seemed too much trouble always time to answer any questions no matter how daft you think they maybe

10 May 2022 15:05

Great communication

I appreciate the fact that Mudhut team is very transparent and assists according to our needs.

09 May 2022 15:27

Credit Check for tenant

It was very quick to complete the form and the result come back instantly.

06 May 2022 22:51

Mudhut advertising property to rent

Efficient, cheap and effective - 40 enquiries within 24 hours

04 May 2022 16:49

Free tenancy

A little difficult to navigate and understand for people like me who are not computer literate. But the help given when asked was 5 star

23 Apr 2022 16:40



17 Apr 2022 07:36

Tenant credit check

Very good! Good value! Highly recommend!

16 Apr 2022 09:49

Tenant check

Great quick informational service

28 Mar 2022 18:04

Referencing tenants

All information which I need received quickly and for a good price. Thank you.

26 Feb 2022 08:30

Credit check

Great service, so quick and easy to use I would highly recommend this service to anybody.

25 Feb 2022 15:38

Rent insurance

Mr George Sinclair was very helpfull 5 stars for him

15 Feb 2022 18:20

Tenant check

Very quick, helpful results. thank you

30 Jan 2022 16:57

Credit check service

Very happy with this. Registered and requested check and had the report in 10 minutes. Excellent service.

20 Jan 2022 16:29

Credit Check

Very easy to use and a fair price.

22 Dec 2021 11:01

Tenacy agreement

Fantastic site for landlords and free

17 Dec 2021 17:19

Property application

I'm not to sure how to use this service properly, and I'm not sure if the property I applied for is still available, no more reply from the landlord of the property either Regards Kim

12 Dec 2021 16:22

Excellent Service

Easy to use. Support very fast. Recommended.

07 Dec 2021 15:57

Excellent website that's easy to use.

It's the first time I've had to do a credit check on a potential tenant. I found it easy to use dispute it being taken down for maintenance. The support link worked well with a very quick response. There should be a way of rechecking a search you've paid for if information you've been given needs adjusting.

01 Dec 2021 16:58

Credit check

What a great service wish I'd known about this site months ago!!

18 Nov 2021 10:31

Tenant Credit Check

Very easy to do and got the results quickly. Useful that there was a guide to help interpret the results. The printable report version was presented clearly and simply.

14 Nov 2021 22:50

Rental guarantee

Very efficient and helpful. Policy details were easy to access

10 Nov 2021 16:10


Easy to use platform to market our sheltered flats on.

31 Oct 2021 08:20

Just what I needed

I needed to check a potential tenants situation quickly. Mudhut was quick and simple to use giving me the information I needed.

28 Oct 2021 21:31

Credit check

Very simple and fast.

13 Oct 2021 15:31

credit checks on possible tenants

Quick and easy to use for credit checks. Service very good

11 Oct 2021 18:29

Used to credit reference and create new tenancy

First time using and I'm very impressed. Easy to follow layout. Will definitely use again

03 Oct 2021 17:30

good company

easy to use and very worth while

03 Oct 2021 15:01

Property of a house

They have been very welcoming and I've always had a fast reply back off them with arrangements of a viewing of a property. Very professional.

16 Sep 2021 15:07

Landlord check

My computer auto filled some of the form o er writing what I had done. I did not realise until the report was generated. They quickly and professionally sorted the problem and generated the correct report. Thanks for a great service

12 Sep 2021 15:27

Fab Product for everything rental

Stumbled across this product via Google. So glad I did. It takes care of all my rental needs as a landlord.

11 Sep 2021 15:29

Credit checks

Quick, simple, efficient. Thank you!

03 Sep 2021 16:47

Tenancy credit check

Seemed a good price to provide assurance on prospective tenants security for paying their rent. Instant assessment too.

02 Sep 2021 17:11

Ease of use

Easy to use and cost was perfect.

02 Sep 2021 13:03

Very prompt service

The site easy to use, the results are ready in seconds and the process is fair. I will recomend this to others as well.

28 Aug 2021 17:25

Quick and easy

The website was very easy to use and I had an immediate credit score for my prospective new tenant.

25 Aug 2021 18:51

Tennent passport

Easy to register

22 Aug 2021 11:51

Tenants Liability Insurance


20 Aug 2021 18:21


Great service, very easy, well eased

17 Aug 2021 02:35

Credit referencing

Amazing service, very quick and detailed credit report. Would one million percent use again and recommend to everyone in the industry

12 Aug 2021 16:56

Tenant check

Easy to do. Instant results.

10 Aug 2021 22:14

Very satisfied

Hi I am very satisfied with the reports. But, I don't know why I have so many checks, I haven't asked for any new credit. Could you please help me with that. Also, my credit score is very low, and shouldn't be like that, Kind regards, Margareta Cioara

09 Aug 2021 11:57


I am a new Landlady with new tenants already able to move in. I needed a lease that was simple and easy to manage, both for them and for me. Mudhut made this so much easier than I expected. Thank you

08 Aug 2021 21:27

Credit check on new tenant

Very quick check for a new prospective new tenant was received.

04 Aug 2021 09:12

Credit check

Told me what I needed to know

02 Aug 2021 11:32

credit check

Very quick service; easy to use; we got the information that we needed for our inquiry.

29 Jul 2021 16:01

Tenant Credit check

Fantastic easy to use and reasonably priced

29 Jul 2021 15:15


Is a good service. Great one

28 Jul 2021 16:01

Credit Check

This service was quick and efficient and confirmed everything I wanted in the report.

28 Jul 2021 15:45

Mr Ian Mullins

Excellent communication, nothing was to much trouble. Conversations between myself and landlord exemplary. Very pleased indeed, from start to finish. Ian.

22 Jul 2021 22:10

Flat 2 John street

Got a good response and let my property quickly

16 Jul 2021 13:30

Landlords Service

Fairly easy to use Prompt response to queries Would like to be able to add bespoke Tenancy Applications etc through the site, will wait to see how that works out for us.

15 Jul 2021 19:36

best site

this is the best to use for your tenancy .

14 Jul 2021 06:13

Credit check

Very quick and easy. Enough info provided

09 Jul 2021 20:11

Landlord rent protection policy

Quick quote and all set up efficiently.

09 Jul 2021 08:51


This is the best place to use if looking to let your property! I had my house let in 1 day after lots of interest and it cost £10.00. Also lots of other really useful services such as free tenancy agreements etc. Brilliant.

08 Jul 2021 17:03

Credit check

Immediate results and the price was really reasonable.

08 Jul 2021 15:07

Rental guarantee

Very easy to do with a good competitive price.

06 Jul 2021 10:37

excellent service and very quick response

good service quick response

05 Jul 2021 13:17

Easy to use

Pretty straight forward and user friendly.

03 Jul 2021 15:21

Credit Check

Excellent service, very quick response, reasonably priced.

28 Jun 2021 08:17


A very helpful service

27 Jun 2021 06:06

New Policy with Mudhut

We found the website very easy to use, fast and efficient, we were able to purchase the cover best suited to us and had different payment options, everything done on line quickly.

26 Jun 2021 15:06

Credit report

Was brilliant to send prospective landlord. Would use again.

25 Jun 2021 16:09

Lettings & sales

Good and flexible service Various services back up available

17 Jun 2021 06:31

Landlord tenancy check

Ther service works quickly which is good but it's annoying that you can't delete the historic tenant check data you no longer need The list just gets longer

09 Jun 2021 18:38

Credit check

Brilliantly fast. Affordable and very helpful in the decision making process

07 Jun 2021 15:47


Prompt and efficient. Very useful tool for checking prospective tenants, and sound advice.

04 Jun 2021 15:10

Tenant credit check

Cheap. Very easy to do and fast results

26 May 2021 15:56

Tenant security

It was a easy process to get checks on prospective tenants. The results came through extremely fast. Would recommend Mudhut

25 May 2021 19:07

Amazing Tenant Credit Check Service!

I'm a first time landlord and used this service to credit check my two potential tenants. It was very quick and very had lots of detail. I would absolutely recommend and will be using it again in the future!

21 May 2021 16:49

Simple and easy

The service is top notch and couldn't be any easier to use.

18 May 2021 14:21

Rent insurance

Really good service, price and product.

15 May 2021 23:30

great policies

easy to use website, good price, easy navigable for all things to do with house whether your a renter or a landlord. clear wording. would recommend.

13 May 2021 10:51

Easy and Convinient

One stop shop for everything House related. Managing the renting process is super east through mudhut.

12 May 2021 21:00

Prompt efficient service

Great customer Service! Sorted out an issue within 24 hours. Will definitely use them again.

07 May 2021 16:41

Identity n credit check

Such an easy process and data given, for identity n credit checks

07 May 2021 16:22

Applying to rent

Service is great. The applying to rent is simple and straightforward. The mudhut team is nice and supportive to your needs. I recommend them

06 May 2021 18:54

Credit check tenancy

Easy to use online credit check for a proposed tenancy Would definitely use again

05 May 2021 15:45

credit check

easy to use site very quick

01 May 2021 16:18


Great service at a good price. Second time I've used them & happy on both occasions

18 Apr 2021 16:22

Tenants references

Very quick and easy way to check tenants

11 Apr 2021 10:01

great site for landlords

a site that is easy to use and has a lot of options

09 Apr 2021 12:31

Great website with reasonable price

I used Mudhut to run tenant's credit check, speedy result and reasonable priced. and including free contract template too. very good website!

05 Apr 2021 17:22

Credit chevk

All very smooth and fast. Very easy and thorough.

03 Apr 2021 16:10

Service received


01 Apr 2021 13:56

Amazing response!

We had to pull the advert after less than a day because the response was so great. We would pay more actually but it would be good to have a tick-box of preferred portals. The reason why 4 rather than 5 stars is that the advert didn't get pulled everywhere and so we had many responses still coming in via Facebook Market Place. And it would be great if Mudhut could offer a wider range of options for Tenant Referencing, not just credit checks.

31 Mar 2021 22:14

credit checks for new tenants

Very quick and efficient service, would use again.

23 Mar 2021 17:10

Great service

Unfortunately I am not going to use this kind of service for now but the site is user friendly

13 Mar 2021 16:44

Credit check

Very cheap and came through immediately

13 Mar 2021 15:45

Great Website

Very easy to use, information you have requested is accessed immediately.

11 Mar 2021 15:09


Good service and very quick. The report/s don't always tell you what you hoped for (because of the limitations of what you can type in.) But generally speaking you can learn enough, to know if the person you're checking is a risk, or not.

05 Mar 2021 17:01

tenant credit check

brilliant service

01 Mar 2021 15:52

Easy to use

Very to use, immediate response great service

28 Feb 2021 21:37

Credit Check

As a Landlord the credit check on prospective tenants were easy and quick to carry out. Results were instant.

24 Feb 2021 19:56

Everything is very good

Everything is very good

24 Feb 2021 10:00

Credit check

Brilliant company,does what it advertises very efficient & quick results back ,was easier than I was expecting, would definitely use again & would recommend to others Thankyou mudhut

06 Feb 2021 05:17

Rent Protection Insurance

the service was very rapid and straight forwards ; no stress and head ache to take out the product on line.

02 Feb 2021 16:21


Very quick and Efficient! Pointed us in the right direction on who to speak to at Certain times. Overall excellent service.

31 Jan 2021 13:37



30 Jan 2021 13:39

Tenancy agreements

Finally an honest professional company that does exactly what it says it will. Excellent Thank you

30 Jan 2021 03:39

Rent protection insurance

Easy website, cost effective cover.

26 Jan 2021 17:17

New tenant

Have only done tenant check very impressed so far

26 Jan 2021 16:37

Fantastic Service

The process was very quick and accurate. I would highly recommend it again for future tenants/landlords.

25 Jan 2021 15:25

Rent guarantees

Excellent website easy form filling

23 Jan 2021 22:40

Tenant Check

I tried most of the offerings on the web all of which were most difficult to get to the end of the application. Your was simple and I hope effective

23 Jan 2021 16:40


Very good service

23 Jan 2021 15:56


Very quick response and professional

21 Jan 2021 18:02

Prospective tenant's check report

The report was brief and answered the required information simply and satisfactorily.

16 Jan 2021 10:10

Credit Check on Tenant

This was a very easy process with an instant answer and enough information for me to make a reasoned judgement.

11 Jan 2021 08:50

Efficient service

Got a very quick response, useful information, reasonable cost, will continue to use this service

07 Jan 2021 17:54

Tenancy Agreement

East to use, good system, the only issue I had was trying to change tenants e-mail as they had given it incorrectly, apart from that brilliant, thanks

06 Jan 2021 19:36

Credit check

I have never used a credit check before. I needed to use it because I am renting my house. The credit check was easy and I got the results straight away which was fantastic.

05 Jan 2021 11:46

rent protection

Thank you for your very competitive quotation which was accepted after reviewing the policy. Your response was immediate and I an currently awaiting delivery of the policy by post

29 Dec 2020 08:26

So far it's good

I came across it in a Google search. I typed in credit checks for Tennant and Mud hut came up. I compared it to a few sites and it looked easier to use and for just £12 for one tenant who provided me with information for me to make a calculated decision. It is my first time using Mud Hut and as it was so easy to use I will definitely use it again.

28 Dec 2020 17:56

Credit Check

I have used mudhut before and the information provided helps you decide on which potential tenant is a good or bad risk. Not bad for the money. I?m sure I?ll use the service again.

25 Dec 2020 15:29


Nice service and simple

21 Dec 2020 19:59

Credit check

Amazing fast service

21 Dec 2020 08:43

Rent guarantee insurance

Very ckear info and responsive rapid support

19 Dec 2020 17:35

Landlord credit check

Really fast and seemed detailed. Will use again. Reasonable price too.

15 Dec 2020 10:17

Loving Mudhut!

Being able to take care of everything in one place. Yes please! I'l never use a letting agent again. Thank you Mudhut! All you need now is an APP!

12 Dec 2020 15:41

Great service

Great service, easy to use and in good price too

11 Dec 2020 18:18


Easy to complete request. Quick reply. Good as part of an overall evaluation of tenants other sources of information will be needed to arrive to the right decision.

10 Dec 2020 15:24


good product

07 Dec 2020 08:59

credit check

amazed at how quick report came back

06 Dec 2020 15:53

Competitive priced

Searched the market and mud hut was competitively priced

04 Dec 2020 22:29

Good, Quick Service

Did evrrything as promised, and not too expensive!

27 Nov 2020 15:40

Tenant Credit Check

I am so pleased with the ease and clarity of the information provided, I would definitely recommend your service.

27 Nov 2020 15:04

House advertised for 3 weeks only

Mudhut make it very easy to advertise a property. I adertised my property for 3 weeks and had 16 replies. Adding details and photos were straightforward. Good site.

25 Nov 2020 19:52

Very good

Fast and good results

24 Nov 2020 19:15

Excellent swift service

Excellent swift service which helped me decide which tenants to go for. Worth every penny.

22 Nov 2020 18:09

Easy to create documents

I've used Mud Hut to do credit searches and then create tenancy agreements. It's all very easy with a comprehensive search section as I wasn't sure how to move one tenant out of a property and a new one in.

12 Nov 2020 18:31


Very efficient

11 Nov 2020 17:24

first rate

Great immediate response.

29 Oct 2020 11:51

Rent Guarantee & Tenant Eviction

Best price found - previous insurers went from £89 to £264!! Really easy application & most queries answered promptly. Documents aren't available for download from Mudhut account hence the 4 rather than 5 stars + promised in post within 3-5 working days but still waiting. Also waiting for response on how to add the other half to the documents. No one wants to have to use this insurance and we trust and respect our brilliant tenants but this product is now more important than ever. Cheers Mudhut I'll be back in March for the other property.

25 Oct 2020 05:41

Rent Guarantee insurance

Best terms & conditions and price found. Easy process to buy & email queries answered promptly.

19 Oct 2020 15:16

Rent protection insurance

Very straightforward to arrange

11 Oct 2020 15:03


Best experience

09 Oct 2020 12:10

Tenancy check

The report helped me secure a property, it really helped, great service for tenants and landlords.

07 Oct 2020 16:26

Credit check

Needed a credit check for insurance quickly that day. Got it within seconds! Great service.

03 Oct 2020 21:13

Mud hut Credit Check

Speedy Service can well recommend the company

01 Oct 2020 16:41

Mudhut review

Very rapid response which is great. My ID not sent to be verified as I did not realise that was required. Very possibly my own fault! Can be done later, anyway. All good!

24 Sep 2020 15:25

A very handy Landlord tool.

Very simple to use and simple to edit your tenancy documents. Love the Landlord dashboard.

21 Sep 2020 15:48


I will move from Nrla site

16 Sep 2020 20:29

credit score

it was very quick

16 Sep 2020 15:19

Quick and easy

I recently purchased two credit checks and it was very simple although an add button would?ve been nice as I?m going to be renting with partner and had to fill out a complete again

15 Sep 2020 15:38

Tenant Credit Check

So nice and easy just type in a few details about your future tenant and it?s easy as pie. Couldn?t be simpler. Costs are very reasonable I was anxious about cost and what it actually involved. No long forms to fill in makes it a quick job. I would definitely recommend 100 times if anyone needs to do a credit check

12 Sep 2020 16:39

Just the job

Found me what I needed at a reasonable price. Easy to use

11 Sep 2020 17:44

Tennant Check and Insurance

Efficient and good value.

11 Sep 2020 08:20

Brilliant service for independent lettings.

I took advantage of the free ad for a week and I was really impressed with the level of service. Mudhut got my ad on Rightmove quickly and was soon receiving messages via text and email via the Mudhut portal. I also used the credit checks on this site, reports were produced immediately and for a low price. I would recommend Mudhut to anyone letting their home.

10 Sep 2020 16:16

Great service

Excellent service, straightforward and the rightmove listing worked really well.

10 Sep 2020 08:19

landlords insurance

smooth transaction

09 Sep 2020 22:03

Credit check for tenant

Quick results, not to highly priced

09 Sep 2020 16:54

Tenant check

Excellent service and excellent value for money. Input tenancy check on an evening and it was immediate. Will definitely use mudhut again.

08 Sep 2020 20:52

Easy and cost effective

Easy platform to use. This is my first time so still awaiting a successful let but so far highly recommended

08 Sep 2020 16:27

Credit check

Really easy to fill in and prompt reply

07 Sep 2020 15:08


The site takes a little setting up especially the photo section but once you master it it's very good . very quick to respond , overall very impressed with this site and would cirtainly use them again.

04 Sep 2020 16:14

Very easy to use and support team quick efficient

Very easy to use and support team quick efficient in replying A list of essential items , check list for transfwr day would be useful

03 Sep 2020 16:56

Great to have this for landlords

Made renting really easy and cost effective as not having to use an agent.

28 Aug 2020 14:09

Tenant credit check

All good. Quick and easy to use. Thanks

25 Aug 2020 19:59

credit rating

I used this service for a credit rating for a prospective tenant. It was so easy to do just put in their name address dob and email. no long forms to fill in and for a small fee you get an almost immediate reply.

25 Aug 2020 00:49

Tenant part of the system

Never heard of Mudhut until now. The system is very easy to use. Very impressive.

22 Aug 2020 18:36

quick service

quick service done in seconds

22 Aug 2020 00:14

Credit refemcing potential tenants

Quick and prompt response allowing me to make an informed decision

21 Aug 2020 15:07

Credit report.

It was good, efficient and useful.

19 Aug 2020 20:23

Fast and efficient

I was very pleased with the speed and detail of the credit report, will definitely use again.

18 Aug 2020 15:07

Credit check

I had an on-the-spot credit check, it was fast and straightforward. I then went ahead to send to the landlord and the email address I had been given actually belonged to someone else from a different gender and background. This gave me a clue the landlord wasn't who they said they were. Thanks

13 Aug 2020 15:10

Property Advertising

I am so impressed with the speed and feedback to my property listing. The service, so far, has been excellent and extremely good value for money. Many thanks. Kim Downing

10 Aug 2020 16:20

fast and efficient

fast and efficient

07 Aug 2020 08:18

top company

i find this service very easy to use and very efficient

05 Aug 2020 19:26

Advertising a rental property

The mudhut service was fantastic. Very easy to use and keep track of correspondence with potential applicants. Received a lot of interest and able to arrange credit checks very quickly. Highly recommended

25 Jul 2020 16:59

Find tenant for rental property

My property has been online for about 3 days. I have received about 12 enquiries to date. There are some enquiries that do not seem genuine and are a waste of time (not the fault of Mudhut), but I have also had about 3 or 4 enquiries that are obviously from people who are genuinely interested in the property. For the price I cannot fault the service to date.

23 Jul 2020 14:56


Easy to use service. Everything all in one place!

21 Jul 2020 16:25

Credit score

It was quick and s good service

20 Jul 2020 21:31

Tenant agreement


20 Jul 2020 16:11

Tenant credit check

Good fast service

17 Jul 2020 15:44

Letting my cottage

This is the first time I have used Mudhut and I found the experience much easier than anticipated. The well thought out web-site and record system would be difficult to fault. Many thanks].

15 Jul 2020 22:55

Tenant check

Quick easy and good value

11 Jul 2020 16:30

Fantastic, will use again and again, thank you

Fantastic, will use again and again, thank you

10 Jul 2020 15:29

Tennants credit report

Easy to use and provided all the information that I needed to verify. Excellent!

09 Jul 2020 15:27

Flat rental

Good communication good website and I got the flat

07 Jul 2020 20:40

Credit check

Very fast response thanks. Will use you in the future.

06 Jul 2020 15:51

First use

First time I have used the tenant referencing service. Simple and instant results, just what I was looking for.

06 Jul 2020 09:52

Identity & Credit Check

This service is quick, easy and accurate that give peace of mind to a landlord for just £12. That is money well spent!

04 Jul 2020 15:20


Your credit check brought up some problems with my perspective tenants and saved me a lot of trouble. Thank you

03 Jul 2020 15:21

Property rented within 48 hours

Having grown frustrated with my traditional agency, I was looking for an online portal that would get my properties onto Rightmove. I stumbled upon Mudhut actually through searching "how to credit check a tenant". They seemed to do everything. Having had one tentative response from my agent within a month. I sacked them and advertised my own property on Mud Hut. I received 2 very strong offers within hours of going live and 4 back ups. Credit checking was really easy too. I agreed a tenancy within 48 hours. Admittedly, using Mudhut creates more work than if you use an agent to source tenants as you have to write the add, upload the photos's (which is tricky if the orientation of the images are not "upright") Also messaging back and forth in the portal is a bit fiddly, you cannot exchange email addresses. However, my agent wanted to charge me £500 (which is the equivalent of a months rent) for the same work so hands down, MudHut is exceptional value for money. I will certainly be using MudHut when the rest of my properties come on the market. How could MudHut do better? 1. Special keys such as £ don't work in messaging 2. Video upload would be great 3. Being able to advertise a company name logo in addition to Mudhut's would be good. 4. Enabling people to send emails so you can send documents/videos to potential tents. I'm sure there is a reason this is blocked.

29 Jun 2020 15:40

Rented property

Usually use local paper to find tenant and first time user of Mudhut. With Coronavirus the circulation of the paper is terrible and I found Mudhut through search engines. Very pleased with the outcome and although it took a bit of time to verify everything, I've had a steady stream of tenants wishing to view and the property is now let within a week. I don't think I'll be going back to the local paper.

27 Jun 2020 08:14


Easy navigation and information

24 Jun 2020 18:56


very good

21 Jun 2020 08:05

Credit check

Very quick and efficient service. Also requested information about AST and received a response within a short period of time.

19 Jun 2020 19:30

Tenant credit check

Great service and simple to use. Would advise anyone to check every tenant to try minimise risk and their own peace of mind.

19 Jun 2020 16:38

Tenant Credit Check

First time I've used your company. Excellent service. Results very quick. Would certainly recommend. Thank you

19 Jun 2020 15:05

User friendly


17 Jun 2020 18:58


Used Mudhut for the first time and found the service excellent, will definitely use it again

15 Jun 2020 11:20

Tenant agreement

Excellent service.

05 Jun 2020 16:53

Credit check was prompt & helpful. Thanks for doing another without charge

Service was very good and I would surely recommend.

03 Jun 2020 17:43

Tenant Credit Check

Service and response was absolutely brilliant and a week ahead of other reference companies in terms of time taken, which is well appreciated. I heartily recommend Mudhut and will use them first next time!

01 Jun 2020 15:39

Advertising for tennant

Excellent feed back

01 Jun 2020 15:19

Excellent Service - easy and flexible

Like the way it is very easy to get a property advertised and i ca take or leave other services without being tied in.

31 May 2020 18:42


I've use mud hut for a few of my lets recently and found it easy to set up and the refresh tools really useful. 4* would of like to of added an online viewing of the property with all this COVID-19 Thanks Rick

25 May 2020 15:22

Credit checks

I must start by saying I had never heard of Mudhut before using them. Tenant credit checks and using the free tenancy agreement was superb. Will use mudhut as and when needed from now on. 5 star service.

23 May 2020 15:48

Great service

I used a Mudhut recently for tenant credit checks and to draft a AST, very good service, would highly recommend.

17 May 2020 10:04

Credit check for new tenant

Excellent service. Clear , concise and prompt.

16 May 2020 14:51

Very Easy to Use Site

I found the navigation around the site really easy and we had fantastic results from our advert. Couldn't fault Mudhut at all and will be back again if we are in a position to rent. £19 well spent!

15 May 2020 15:42

Guarantor credit checks plus excellent Tenancy and the guarantor Agreement.

The Mudhut service was very Professional and very quick.

15 May 2020 09:32


Just used our free ad with Mudhut and had a lot of response. Will definitely use this system in the future it was so easy and a smooth operation. We have 3 viewings today. Fingers crossed.

14 May 2020 16:14

Quick to respond. Easy to give help.

Just sorted out my first insurance with these guys. Answered my question and got things progressed with ease. Nice to get dealing with a quick to help attitude outfit. Happy to recommend Mudhut.

13 May 2020 16:07

Credit check

Helped me decide on a tenant

13 May 2020 15:09

Benefits of mudut

Your service was quick, accurate and reasonably priced. It would be nice to know why the tenants credit rating was so low.

12 May 2020 15:44

A helping hand

It was appreciated that when we made an error regarding a clients surname name - that the search was rerun at no additional costs to ourselves. We've found the service really helpful in providing the background information we need.

10 May 2020 11:15


Mudhut is a good site i found it easy to use and download what i needed

06 May 2020 15:10

New Tenant

Great service, quick results. Amazing! Thankyou!!

05 May 2020 15:06

Tenant check

all is good and easy

05 May 2020 15:05

Credit check

Easy to use and good data well worth the small fee

03 May 2020 16:40

My first telephone contact

I'm happy when I called to change something regarding my address they have assisted me , receive what was promised.

01 May 2020 15:50

Credit check

Quick and easy.

30 Apr 2020 15:26

Really easy to use

I placed my ad for my rental property and have had 12 new leads within 48 hours, great tool for the cost, will use for each time I need a new tennant.

27 Apr 2020 15:11

Quick and useful

Carrying out my own references for tenants moving in. Quick service and useful.

26 Apr 2020 20:28

Excellent platform!

Brilliant system, easy to use and clear visibility of both parties. Highly recommend

26 Apr 2020 15:04

Easy site to use

Very easy to understand site on which to list your property to let. Uploaded my docs and photos etc all in about 20 mins and went live very quickly. Good price too

22 Apr 2020 15:21

credit check


20 Apr 2020 15:16

Worth every penny

I've advertised several flats with Mudhut over the last few months and have had a fantastic response to all the ads. It is really easy to prepare the advert in the first place and if you have any queries emails are answered very quickly. I would definitely recommend Mudhut and feel it is very good value for money.

18 Apr 2020 15:33

Mudhut. com

Quality response and feedback great service

12 Apr 2020 15:42

tenant credit check

Very quick

10 Apr 2020 15:30

Easy and painless

As all the agents are closed due to government restrictions I was trying to place a tenant in the meantime in my empty flat so used this service to credit check him first. It was quick, easy and no fuss. It gave me the peace of mind I needed before signing up my new tenant

02 Apr 2020 13:52



31 Mar 2020 11:06


I recently used MUDHUT for legal and rent protection..I found the website very easy to use., very reasonable premium and good cover.. I will recommend this to anyone without hesitation.

30 Mar 2020 16:20

Rent protection

I hope I don't ever need to use this protection but it's good to know I have it to fall back on.

26 Mar 2020 15:32

Tenancy agreement


25 Mar 2020 15:19

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Friend who is a letting agent mentioned to me about Mudhut. Easy to apply for the rent insurance. Fantastic service. Will definitely use them going forward and will recommend them.

24 Mar 2020 22:45

Very good

Very good thank you

23 Mar 2020 15:58

Superb customer help

Excellent help late on Saturday evening when tryyto use system Someone working late was a mind saver Thank you

23 Mar 2020 15:05

Quick and efficient

Very quick results and simple form to fill. Impressed as got the results that I wanted without having to wait hours or days or weeks!!

20 Mar 2020 17:33


Hassle free to take out the rent protection policy. As with any insurance, one can only judge its worthiness when and if it's called upon.

20 Mar 2020 15:13



20 Mar 2020 09:39

Tenant Reference


18 Mar 2020 15:33



13 Mar 2020 17:11

Excellent success in attracting tenants to the cottage

Our ad in Mudhut has produced a huge number of potential tenats to us. The text alert was also useful as we were able to respond quickly. An excellent service.

11 Mar 2020 16:41

Long and winding road..

However we got there in the end. Personally did not find site always easy to navigate and get through. I am pleased with end result though!

11 Mar 2020 15:28

Very helpful website

Really like the site. Easy to use credit checks and tenancy agreements. Would be good if you could talk to someone when you need a bit of help but what can you expect from a largely free service

09 Mar 2020 19:30

Easy and efficient service

Got my report within 2 minutes! Easy to navigate and understand

09 Mar 2020 15:38

Good service

Turned out to be somewhat time-consuming and over official to set up.......but once completed was very effective.

03 Mar 2020 12:09


Great Service

28 Feb 2020 20:11

Quick and easy finance checks

This site is quick and easy . Find out whether a prospective tenant has any finance difficulties, court judgements against them.

25 Feb 2020 19:58

Great Service

Fast email replies and excellent advice, highly recommended products.... we are changing all our landlords rent guarantee scheme over to them.

25 Feb 2020 15:08

3 Dobson Court

Great service and would highly recommend and use again in future..

20 Feb 2020 22:47

Didn't dissapoint

I was sceptical about using Mudhut to advertise a flat for rent. At first I thought the questions for registration were too .intrusive, requiring information I wasn't prepared to give, and the promises of getting on Right Move could be achieved. I was wrong and took the offer of a free week. Be prepared to be deluged with enquiries - a lot futile but I found a tenant in just a few days. I won't waste time in the future and get onto Mudhut straight away

20 Feb 2020 15:10

Very good

Very good

13 Feb 2020 15:53


I think this is a really excellent idea for both landlords and tenants. A little unsure how to use it at first but got the hand of it after browsing through it . We have been in rental property for 6years now and did not no about the Tenant liability insurance which is also a good idea as to many landlords get unwanted tenants they cant trust, but helps people like us who are trustworthy. Personally I think uploading should be more easy and it wouldn't let me up load any pictures of ID for my landlord to see from my phone as it had to be PDF .

30 Jan 2020 19:47

Easy to use and very efficient

Used first time and was very easily and clear

30 Jan 2020 13:38

To rent advert

Good value for 3 month advert . It could be simpler to get messages and respond to enquires.

16 Jan 2020 15:31

Good value

Referencing checks are scary for all. The fact that I was able to pay £12 and download my reference immediately really helped me understand the likelihood of me being accepted. It?s a shame that other providers do not offer this service as mud hut have definitely monopolised on a big gap in the market. I have recommended to others and in future will use again

13 Jan 2020 18:24

Quick and easy

Almost immediate feedback and reasonable cost.

09 Jan 2020 18:12


A very easy to use service. Not like all the others. Thank you.

08 Jan 2020 06:34

Positive but need some changes

Overall efficient and quick but we dont get all the tenant details from enquiries like there email address or contact number.

06 Jan 2020 16:01


Very good Thanks john.

04 Jan 2020 11:12

1 week rental advertising and the flat was gone

Very fast listing on the main apps/websites. Will use again

04 Jan 2020 09:50

I found Mudhut an Excellent service to use

It is very quick and easy to set up the ad and the message board is an excellent facility to manage all of the enquiries. I did have a technical problem but the service team sorted it out efficiently. I will definitely use Mudhut again

31 Dec 2019 16:57


Amazing !! Fast and hepful !!

22 Dec 2019 15:58

Ease to insure

It was very easy to take the policy out. And also I think it was reasonably priced. My first time to take out insurance like this thank you!

16 Dec 2019 16:11

Good service

Friendly and helpful

12 Dec 2019 20:23


Can't believe how great, effective and cheap this site is! I will never use rip off estate agents to let my property again. Found a new tenant in 2 days and had lots of enquires. Can't thank Mudhut enough. Thank you!!

10 Dec 2019 20:12


Excellent, very impressed

09 Dec 2019 18:48

Great service

Great service great communication

03 Dec 2019 17:11

Great price

Very competitive price for landlords insurance. Of course, the test is what happens in the event of a claim!

03 Dec 2019 09:00

Very easy to use

Easy to navigate and complete credit check

01 Dec 2019 18:33

Tenant Check

Very useful information.

28 Nov 2019 21:28

Very helpful and essay.

Very user friendly. Very very pleased.

28 Nov 2019 16:25

Rent guarantee

Easy site to use and good value for rent guarantee insurance

27 Nov 2019 16:18


Simple system to use for landlords and tenants alike, although some basic qualifying criteria is not available for the landlord.

25 Nov 2019 17:12

Renting Houses Made Easy

The Mudhut portal makes it easy to list a property for rent on RightMove avoiding excessive Estate Agency fees but achieving the same results.

25 Nov 2019 15:29

Straight forward process to sign up

It was a straightforward process to sign up for rent guarantee insurance

21 Nov 2019 15:05

Amazing Service

Was quoted £1400 to advertise the property by a traditional estate agent. I found one for free with Mudhut using their 1 week promotion. Simply amazing service.

16 Nov 2019 16:41

Mrs Rag

I needed a credit check done on my tenant as quickly as possible . Mud hut was able to get that sorted within few hours . I am very happy with the service .

12 Nov 2019 15:07


Happy so far

07 Nov 2019 20:56

Quick Credit check

I needed a quick response and thats what I got!

06 Nov 2019 20:08

Tenants credit check

Promte response very good service love to do alot business in the furture keep it up the good service Kind regards Rajiv

06 Nov 2019 17:28


Effective and simple.

01 Nov 2019 14:46

Quick and easy

Just needed info. for a short term let. Easy process and confirmed what prospective tenant had told me. Reasonably priced though slightly more than some other sites.

24 Oct 2019 22:44

V. Easy

Very easy and straightforward once you have all the required information.

24 Oct 2019 11:31

Credit checks

Very easy system to use. I used the credit check system for 3 sets of potential tenants. The first 2 sets of tenants were rejected as it provided information that was inconsistent with what i was told verbally so definitely saved me getting the wrong tenants!

23 Oct 2019 22:32

Very pleased

Very easy process and paperwork arrives quickly. No issues and will use again.

22 Oct 2019 17:57

Completing Rent Insurance Form

This was very easy to use and recommend it to anyone who finds form filling intimidating.

22 Oct 2019 16:39


Very fast and informative

21 Oct 2019 15:44


First class service

20 Oct 2019 18:58

Tenant check

Very helpful.

19 Oct 2019 15:08

great service

easy to use, got the report i needed

10 Oct 2019 16:34


Quick response good details great service.

09 Oct 2019 15:09

Positive Re-enforcement

Just to convey that the company does do what 'It says on the tin'. Concise, straight to the point, excellent service. Thank You

08 Oct 2019 15:15

Credit check

Does what it says on the Tin!

07 Oct 2019 18:52

Completing Rent Insurance Form

As others said Very easy to use. And it was very easy to use. Thank you.

07 Oct 2019 13:39

Easy and Straightforward

Easy and straightforward

30 Sep 2019 17:09

Does what it says on the tin

Quick and uncomplicated, Mudhut delivers what it says it will in a very short space of time. I was impressed. I was able to check out both of my putative tenants without pausing in the application process. Well worth the fee

24 Sep 2019 15:25

Great service

Quick, simple and effective.

14 Sep 2019 15:31

Landlords helper

Easy site to use, quick and efficient.

08 Sep 2019 08:47

Very helpful and easy to use

Easy to use. Helpful. Found new tenants very quickly.

05 Sep 2019 16:44


Very Helpful, I hope I don't need the insurance and that our tenant is true to her word.

04 Sep 2019 15:08

Reference check

fast response

03 Sep 2019 14:32

Quick and easy

Very quick to make sure the property has rent guarantee protection. And reminders to renew it.

02 Sep 2019 17:45

Fast and efficient

it take few seconds only.

01 Sep 2019 23:11

Free advert: house letting

Fantastic. Easy to use. Free ad on Rightmove worked really well, loads of interest and let within 3 days!

30 Aug 2019 22:59


Few more things and forms should be available to provide full tenancy services, such as advanced inventory system, guarantor form etc.otherwise great system. Thanks

30 Aug 2019 16:43

Easy contempary on line portal for tenants

This site was easy to use, priced competitively for tenants to use. Gets the basic information that landlords will need to offer an agreement. Saves the need to register with multiple agents. I think this is a valuable service for tenants.

22 Aug 2019 15:31

Flat to let partick

I had the flat let immediately.

20 Aug 2019 15:19

Very quick report

I expected to have to wait to receive my report but it came through within minutes. I guess a more detailed report may take longer but I was happy with the report and service I received

20 Aug 2019 06:53

Got what I needed in no time. Thanks

Quick customer response. Thanks

19 Aug 2019 15:40

Tenant credit check

Hi was my first time to Mudhut. Check was done very quickly and efficiently would definitely use Mudhut again & again

14 Aug 2019 15:07

Excellent Service

I would recommend everyone to use this service. It takes not more than 5 min to get your referencing report done.

05 Aug 2019 21:04


Very straight forward and easy contact between yourself and landlord and easy to use

01 Aug 2019 16:18

Quick and pdf version of report handy

Would be better if you could load two or three queries at a time

23 Jul 2019 10:25


Easiest fastest website ever. Well done mudhut just what I needed after filling out all those comparison sites.

21 Jul 2019 16:50

A great service

I found using Mudhut simple and productive. I had a large number of viewings and the credit check service is quick and fast for a simple check. I will certainly use them again for my other properties .

19 Jul 2019 15:11

Fast, easy, comprehensive service

Fast, easy, comprehensive service. Would definitely recommend

15 Jul 2019 17:35

First Class Online Letting agent

Can't fault Mudhut my 'go to' online letting agent. Easy to use platform and great pricing structure

10 Jul 2019 23:57

Advertised flat to let!

Mudhut is an easy website to use, very well laid-out and has excellent services.

04 Jul 2019 09:09


I was really impressed with how easy it was to advertise my property and how quickly it was on all major property sites rightmove, zoopla, etc Recieved lots of interests and within 2 days the property is Let. Keep up the great work Mudhut!

02 Jul 2019 15:38

Unlimited Option

The site is easy to navigate and the price is fine. I would really like an annual unlimited option though. We dont have many properties, usually have no more than 1 or 2 advertised at any time. Too small for us to have an account with Rightmove but it would be nice to pay a set figure of £30 a month & be able to advertise properties as & when needed.

01 Jul 2019 16:57

Quick response and report

Prompt report

01 Jul 2019 15:11

Easy and efficient

All simple to do

26 Jun 2019 20:15

Credit check

Mudhut is an easy to use website giving you an instant credit report for possible tenants. They very quickly responded as well when I had a issue accessing one of my reports looking in to what had happened and sorting it allowing me to see the report in less than 1 hour. I would recommend this site for anyone that is looking at renting a prop

13 Jun 2019 19:09

Absolutely wonderful! Really helpful and easy to use

I love this website. I am a landlord with just one property to let. I found the site really easy to use and very clear and well laid-out. I was able to advertise my property for free for a week and upload photos (again really easy). I had 20+ enquiries, of which 2 viewed the property and both wanted to rent it. I can't thank Mudhut enough. Previously I have paid a fortune for introduction fees and so called "management' fees to useless estate agents, never again!

12 Jun 2019 15:16

Cost effective & quick

Useful tool for landlords

11 Jun 2019 16:37

Easy to use

Very easy to use would recommend to friends and family.

09 Jun 2019 15:21

Quick & Easy File

We wanted to check our credit score for securing a new property . And Mudhut gave us a quick response for the tenancy . Highly Recommended . And I would use their services again .

09 Jun 2019 15:07

good service

a good site very prompt and detailed

06 Jun 2019 16:01

New Tenant credit check

Quick and easy

04 Jun 2019 19:14


The site was easy to use and the results were immediate. Would recommend.