How Do I Create a Property Advert?

You can create a property ad and then publish it using one of our ad packages.

Create the Ad

  1. Click the Add Property button from the Landlord Dashboard
  2. Add the property details, key features and marketing descriptions
  3. Add photos - we recommend at least 5
  4. Add a description of each room

Before you publish your ad you will need to verify your identity and provide proof of ownership of the property. You can do this from the property summary page.

Publish the Ad

Once you've created and verified your property ad, you can publish it as follows:

  1. From the property summary page click on the Publish button
  2. Choose an ad package and duration
  3. Click on the Confirm button and then go through the payment process if applicable

Your first ad is free and after that they are paid. We do not charge any fees or commission other than the cost of your chosen ad package.

More help: Letting Your Property