How Do I Track Rent Payments?

You can setup a tenancy and automatically invoice the rent to the tenant.

Create the Tenancy

You can create a tenancy in order to then add a Tenancy Agreement and other documents:

  1. Go to the Landlord Dashboard and click the Add Tenancy button
  2. Choose the property from the list. If there are no properties in the list, go back and add the property details
  3. Add the tenancy details, rent and deposit information. Make sure the option to automatically invoice the rent is enabled
  4. Click on the Save button
  5. Add the tenant details by clicking on the Add Tenant button
  6. Add further tenants as necessary
  7. Add any guarantors (optional)

Once you have completed this the tenants will automatically be invoiced the rent.

You will be able to see the invoices from the Rent tab on the tenancy.

Track Rent Payments

Once the invoice has been created, you can record payment of the rent against that invoice. This will enable you to keep track of rent payments.

What the Tenant Receives

The tenant will receive regular notifications of the rent invoices on the day that it is due.

The tenant can see the rent invoices in their account from the tenancy page. They can also see any rent payments that have been recorded so that they can keep track of their rent payments.

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