How Do I Renew a Tenancy?

You can renew a tenancy by terminating the current tenancy and creating a new tenancy and tenancy agreement.

Terminate the Current Tenancy

  1. Go to the Landlord Dashboard and choose the current tenancy
  2. Click no the Edit button and change the Tenancy Status to 'Terminated'
  3. Save the changes to end the current tenancy

Create a New Tenancy

  1. From the Landlord Dashboard click on the Add Tenancy button
  2. Choose the property from the list add the rest of the tenancy details
  3. Click on the Save button
  4. Add the tenant details by clicking on the Add Tenant button, choose the tenant(s) from the list
  5. Add any guarantors (if necessary)

Once you have created the new tenancy you will be able to create a new Tenancy Agreement document.

Create the Tenancy Agreement

  1. From the tenancy, click on the Add Tenancy Document button
  2. Choose the relevant document from the list and click on the Create button
  3. If you need to edit the document, click on the Edit button and make your changes
  4. Once you're finished, clicking on the Save button to save the changes

Once you have created the new Tenancy Agreement you will be able to send the document out for signing.

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