How Do I Receive Enquiries and Conduct Viewings?

Tenants can contact you in various ways either through the Mudhut website or from our portal partners such as Rightmove.


Tenants can send enquiries from Rightmove and through our website. When we receive an enquiry, we will immediately notify you by email and SMS message.

To read and respond to the message, sign in to your account and go to the Messages page.

We will send you an email and SMS notification when you receive a new message which will also appear in the Notifications panel on your home page.


Tenants can request a viewing from your ad or you can arrange a viewing having a received an enquiry.

You can arrange a viewing with a potential tenant by using the secure messaging feature and arranging a mutually convenient time.

Viewing Slots

You can make the property available at certain dates and times by scheduling viewing slots. For example, schedule one viewing slot every 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon.

Open House Viewings

An Open House is where the landlord makes the property available to view for a set period of time and any interested tenants can go and have a look around.

During the Viewing

When meeting a tenant, it's a good idea qualify them using open question techniques. Open questions require a longer answer for example ‘How quickly do you need to move?’ versus a Closed question such as ‘Do you need to move quickly?’ which can be typically answered with yes or no.

Try and identify what particular feature might be of interest to the tenant - for example, parking, transport links or local amenities.

Having gained an understanding of the tenant’s needs, you can more easily communicate the benefits of the property.

Apply to Rent

Tenants can apply to rent your property from your ad. When we receive an application, we will immediately notify you by email.

You can see the details on the applicant(s) by signing into your account and going to the Landlords page.

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