How Do I Create a Profile?

You can create a profile page that tells other users a bit about you.

About You

You can edit your profile details by going to the My Profile page and clicking on the Edit button.

You can add your name, date of birth, address, income and employment details.

You can also add a biography to share a little bit more about yourself.

Credit Check

If you are a tenant, you can add a Credit Check to your profile then share it with any landlord or agent. As a tenant, you You can use this to appply for as many tenancies as you like.

Look for the Get Your Own Credit Check button on the My Profie page.

Attach Documents

You can attach PDF files of identity documents such as a scanned passport or driving licence.


You can request references from your employer, previous landlords and professional colleagues - just click on the Request Reference button.

More help: Your Profile