How Does a Tenant Apply to Rent My Property?

Tenant Applies to Rent

The tenant can apply to rent your property from your property listing.

  1. Find your property ad and click the Apply for Tenancy button
  2. Fill in their details
  3. Add the details of any other tenants
  4. Submit the application

As soon as the application is submitted, you will be notified by email. You can then sign in and assess the application.

Landlord Adds Application

If you already have the details of the tenant(s), you can also add the tenancy application

  1. Go to the Letting page and click Add Tenancy Application.
  2. Add the details about the tenancy and Save
  3. Add the applicant details and Save
  4. Add the details of any more tenants

The application will be saved in the Tenancy Applications panel in the Letting tab.

Assess the Application

The application will give you the opportunity to assess the tenants and answer questions like:

  1. Can they afford the rent?
  2. Can their identity be confirmed?
  3. Do they have any adverse credit history?
  4. Do they have references?

Each applicant will have a set of recommendations e.g. get a credit report, or obtain references from their employer.

Adding a Credit Report

Yuo can add a credit report for each tenant to the application.

  1. Click on the Add Credit Report button from the application
  2. Confirm the applicant details and click Continue
  3. Choose the matching address
  4. Confirm the details
  5. Make the payment for the report

The report will be added to the application and to their Mudhut profile. They can reuse the report in other tenancy applications if they need to.

Adding References

You can request references from previous landlords, employer or professional colleagues. Just click on the Request References button to send the applicant a message.

Accept the Application

If you're happy with the tenants details, credit history and refereences, you can Accept the application.

Accepting the application will create tenancy record which will soon allow you to manage various aspects of the tenancy.

Each tenant will be notified by email.

Decline the Application

If you decide that the tenant is not a suitable tenant, you can Decline the application by clicking on the Decline button.

Each tenant will be notified by email.


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