How Do I Add Photos?

Adding good photos of your property is vital. Many people will not even look at a property ad unless it has a photo.

How to Add Photos

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the Manage Ad button next to the relevant property
  2. Go to the Photos tab
  3. Click the Add Photo button
  4. Find the photo file on your device - we accept images in the JPG or JPEG format (note: PDF files are not supported for photos)
  5. Add a caption
  6. Save the photo

You can add photos, edit the caption, change the order or delete photos from the property photos page. There is no limit on the number of photos you can add but any more than 20 is usually overkill.

We recommend that you add a caption for each photo to improve the response rate to your ad.

Reorder Photos

You can change the order of photos as follows:

  1. Go to the Images tab on the property
  2. Click on the Reorder button
  3. Drag and drop to the new order
  4. Save the new order

Why Are My Photos the Wrong Way Round?

Photos are displayed according to the orientation information from the camera that took the photo. This can cause some photos to appear sideways or upside down.

For example, If you used a camera and held it vertically to take a photo in portrait mode, that photo can be saved sideways, in landscape mode. This can happen if the auto-rotate feature of the camera is turned off.

You can correct the orientation of  the original photos using this online tool:

All you need to do is upload the picture and re-save it using the link below the main picture. You'll then need to re-upload the correctly rotated photos and they should then appear the right way round.

How to Add a Video Link

You can add a link to a video hosted on a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo as folllows:

  1. Click Edit button on the Manage Property page
  2. Add the video link in the Video tour URL field
  3. Save the Property


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